This is Luna, although I call her Squirty because on her way home when she was slightly smaller than you see on the left, being separated from her mom and her siblings for the fist time ever, put in a cardboard box and carried off by 2 ugly bags of mostly water that she'd never met, she had a little accident.

I've had this tank since I was a kid. It's full of nice pleasant peaceful community fish.

This is Tiny. Tiny is a Pacu - the closest legal relative to the piranha. I inherited him from an old roommate. When I first got him he was only three inches long, a year later he was over a foot!!!! I thought that he would stop growing, well, little did I know. I went to the Steinhart Aquarium the other day and saw a Pacu there that was thirty years old and like four feet long!!! Geez what did I get myself into?? I have tried to give him away but it seems like everybody already knows better. I thought about releasing him into one of the lakes in Golden Gate Park but I am afraid that he would not survive. He is from the Amazon river and mid 70's water temperature, I am pretty sure that in the winter the water gets much colder than that.


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