The American cancer society estimates that nearly 7000 women will die in the U.S. this year of chestwall recurrence of breast carcinoma. Current hyperthermia treatments can not treat recurrences that spread over large areas on contoured anatomy. The CMA hyperthermia applicator does have the ability to treat large regions of disease on contoured anatomy. Microwave transmission line matching techniques were used to increase the efficiency of the flexible PCB based CMA. The new optimized array was tested with a vector network analyzer and its electric field was characterized. It was found that the new array is more efficient; that less input power is required to achieve the same output power compared to the non-optimized array. The variance in power required for uniform antenna output was dramatically decreased.. The input impedance for the antenna-matching network is closer to ideal and more uniform and that there is no significant difference in electric field pattern for the optimized array.


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